About us

Aishwarya founded Reve Studio in 2014 and has worked as a freelance makeup artist since then. Her years of experience in the beauty industry led her to develop these products that she truly believes in.

While working with a South Asian clientele, she discovered that it was hard to come across lashes which would suit eye shapes that she was working with and the ones she found were expensive. Aishwarya takes pride in her lash styles which are affordable and have long bands which can fit all shapes. 

The liquid lipsticks and names were developed keeping in mind our South Asian heritage. It is often hard to find representation in the beauty industry for women of colour. These highly pigmented lipsticks and the shades will go on beautifully on all skin tones. 

Reve Studio believes in equality and representation and Aishwarya hopes to be a small part of the big change that is required in this space. 
We thank you for your ongoing love and support!